about me
you asked, right?

what i do
don’t put me in a box

As an ambitious creative in the graphic design industry, I have an innate desire to work across a number of disciplines. Though I primarily specialize as a UI/UX designer and web developer, I also collaborate on projects consisting of brand identity, print production, packaging, environmental design, and multimedia development. Regardless of the medium, I believe that great design is the result of a deep process understanding the problem you are trying to solve, combined with a beautifully executed solution.

how i got here
you’re probably wondering

Graduating in 2019 with a degree in Graphic Design & Digital Media, I continued my experiential learning by shadowing at design agencies throughout the northeast. During this time, I landed an internship at NAIL Communications and was soon after brought on to the team full-time. I currently work at the agency as a marketing and advertising creative, as well as at FireTeam, a small agency that specializes in DTC marketing and social strategy. With a focus in the digital design space, I play the role of mediator for technology by bridging the gap between brands and their clients through the creation of usable, polished, and purposeful products.

who i am
i contain multitudes

I am a 23-year-old with the driving motivation to produce the work that I would like to see in the world. Currently based in Providence, RI, I have the unique opportunity to develop my abilities in a creative capital that champions self-expression. I have an aptitude for learning and a desire for knowledge–because a well-rounded understanding of our society better equips me not only professionally, but fulfills me personally as well. So when I’m not geeking out over all things design, I’m staying busy by working out, skateboarding, painting anything I possibly can, traveling, baking some mean goodies, playing video games, volunteering, or studying aspirational skills such as photography, videography, and music production.