Asteria Wayfinding

digital, identity, environmental

a comprehensive celestial wayfinding experience.

Challenged to conceptualize and build a brand around a wayfinding system for a company of my own design, I made it my goal to create a means for space enthusiasts to explore the final frontier without the hassle of becoming an astronaut.

adobe illustrator,
adobe xd
ux & ui design,
wayfinding design

universal accessibility

As an everlasting natural phenomenon in our universe, space can often be overlooked as we have become accustomed to its wonderful actuality. In an effort to reignite an appreciation for our cosmos, I established Asteria: an institution whose technology would serve as a means for users to explore the great unknown on their own accord. Expanding upon a typical wayfinding experience, its technology would incentivize exploration through interactive and educational means. A thorough approach such as this offers a unique and accessible experience for all, regardless of the user’s level of interest or knowledge in the field.

defining the system

Asteria would follow a process in which the target audience would be introduced to the experience through kiosks and advertisements found in museums and observatories. From there, consumers could download the app and gain access to cosmic news and updates, tools that enable AR exploration, and educational materials that provide insight into stars, planets, and constellations. Users would also be able to access an in-app GPS that allows for the discovery of Asteria installations across the country. These locations would serve as ideal stargazing destinations as they are furnished with seating options, a telescope, and an interactive map of the night sky; amenities that encourage individuals to explore and interact while applying their newfound knowledge.

experiential learning

Asteria would be blown out into a comprehensive wayfinding experience for space enthusiasts seeking education and adventure. Satisfying the needs for its initial rollout, Asteria’s brand package consists of identity assets, advertising media, a native app design, and multiple kiosk concepts. As featured in Johnson and Wales’ 2019 Reveal Showcase, I expanded upon this primary step as part of my exhibit. I constructed a full-scale prototype of the digital kiosk which resulted in a grand, yet tangible, display of this conceptualization.