digital, identity

music-related clothing in a class of its own.

When asked to develop a brand and build an e-commerce website to accompany it, I launched Chromesthesia: an online shop that sells graphic t-shirts inspired by album covers.

html & css,
apparel design,
ui design

an offbeat style

Designing a website to compliment the diverse catalog of products that this site would offer was a daunting undertaking, but if executed well it had the capacity to pay off greatly. This responsibility kick-started my research and ideation process, in which I discovered that I wanted to focus on a relatively basic structure for the website. This would allow for consistency and ease of use while also granting the injection of personality through bright colors, quirky fonts, and thoughtful microcontent.

composed for the user

Working from a provided e-commerce template, I began by creating the necessary pages for the site while ensuring that its architecture was interconnected as intended before moving forward. Then, after building the more universal assets such as the header and footer, I added content throughout the site by incorporating images, titles, prices, descriptions, and tags for both the shopping and product pages. Shifting my attention to the homepage, I finalized the site by considering how various users would access the site. I approached its design through deliberate sectioning in an effort to accommodate the needs of both new and returning users by providing pertinent, yet dynamic information in one consolidated space.

a better alternative

Chromesthesia would live as a conceptual online t-shirt shop that serves as the perfect platform to showcase and sell its diverse catalog of products. Through its individuality, careful planning, and attention to detail, this site offers a delightful experience to potential customers from all backgrounds.