a 2011 neo-noir crime thrillers’ opening scene reimagined.

Prompted to reconceptualize a title sequence in an entirely new style, I aimed to challenge myself. Though it’s not as ambitious as my initial attempt at a David Fincher opening, I decided to reimagine Jay Johnson’s Drive title montage.

adobe illustrator,
adobe after effects
digital illustration,
audio mixing

establishing tone

In order to get the project underway, I pitched my movie selection, proposed art direction, and storyboard concepts to a group of peers for feedback and approval. After receiving notes, I solidified the style that I would follow and began ideating with a more cohesive vision in mind. In an effort to stay true to the source material, the sequence would have to be deliberately stylized in order to set the pace for the rest of the film. I would accomplish this by utilizing illustrated assets, a monochromatic color palette, and inventive compositions to mimic the hypnotic quality of the original opening.

driven by timing

My process began with the creation of assets in the form of illustrative renderings. These renderings would be used to compose a total of eight scenes, each of which was produced through a process consisting of animating subjects, triggering credits, and synchronizing these movements. And even though this motion graphic relied heavily on the styles used, it was primarily dependent on one vital aspect: timing. A majority of my attention was spent focused on the deliberate timing of events, ensuring that the momentum of the piece was moving at the intended pace. As a final step, I created the hard-cut transitions between scenes to give the sequence an edge, further establishing the tone for the film ahead.

setting the scene

This opening montage would live as a digitally illustrated reimagining of the Drive title sequence. Reconceptualizing Jay Johnson’s original arrangement, this piece establishes the dark and brooding atmosphere that immerses viewers in the world that they are about to encounter.