digital, print, identity

providing artistic opportunity to underserved youth.

Challenged with developing a non-profit organization from scratch, and sparked by the decline of art programs in the United States, I created Forge: an institution that supports students who have an interest in the arts.

adobe illustrator,
adobe photoshop
apparel design,
infographic design,
ui design

establishing a brand

Starting with the logo design, I understood that this would have to be a confident mark in order to set the desired tone for the brand. In order to achieve this, I created an icon resembling that of a banner and paired it with the name Forge; a title that conveys a powerful, reliable, and forward-thinking nature. I then built a brand strategy booklet around this, which outlines items such as the organization’s mission statement, target audience, primary competition, required peripherals for launch, and guidelines for its visual identity.

building a campaign

After defining the strategy, I created peripherals to aid the non-profit in the launch of its campaign. Focusing on apparel first, I produced tools and products that students could use to support their education while also promoting the organization. Following this, I developed an app that would serve as the primary communication channel for the institution. The app features a news page that allows users to access community updates and creative opportunities provided by Forge, as well as a donation page where users can support the cause with time or funding. Finally, in an effort to engage and educate, I designed an infographic that details statistics and other relevant information regarding the decline of art programs throughout the country as a visual aid.

for a creative youth

Forge would live as a conceptual non-profit that works to support an underserved population by providing students with a safe and supportive environment in which they can explore the arts freely. Satisfying the requirements for its initial rollout campaign, Forge’s brand package consists of apparel that promotes the organization, an app that inspires connection, and an infographic that calls for change.