GHHI Annual Report


breaking the link between unhealthy housing and unhealthy families.

Collaborating with a non-profit organization based out of Providence, Rhode Island, I worked with a design team to develop the layouts for Green & Healthy Homes Initiative’s annual report booklet and accompanying report card.

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systematic approach

At our initial briefing, the client expressed a need for report documents that provide an insight into the inner workings of their organization and its impact on the community. Our team decided that it would be best to break the provided data up into two deliverables, each framed to accommodate individual audiences. The first would take the form of an annual report that prioritizes the storytelling of external affairs involving the community and the second would live as a report card that serves as a reference tool for the organization by containing pertinent marketing and communication data.

weaving a narrative

Noted as an important requirement, the client asked us to create the deliverables as systematic templates that allow for the not-so-tech-savvy group to update information easily. We concluded that it would be best to frame the report as a narrative focusing on a single family’s journey with GHHI, granting the organization the ability to update the contents of the book by focusing on a new family each year. Following a strict grid structure, we designed the booklets by utilizing strong typographic hierarchy, text and image integration, and ample white space. This enables editors to revise necessary components while maintaining the newly defined look.

measurable impact

Green & Healthy Homes Initiative’s annual report would live as a two-part print series for the GHHI brand. Consisting of a report booklet and an accompanying report card, these documents serve as an in-depth look into the organization’s mission, impact, and accomplishments while also providing an accessible means to highlight and market relevant information.