environmental, multimedia

envisioning a tech-enabled future for martial arts.

As an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in martial arts training, Tiger-Rock continues to foster inspiring environments across its 100+ franchises. Training nearly 1M students to-date, the self-defense experts plan to expand while disrupting the market by introducing Hiro—a technology-driven dojo experience that utilizes virtual reality to provide gamification and remote access globally.

tiger-rock martial arts
adobe after effects,
adobe premier,
adobe xd
creative direction,
ux & ui design,
video production


Hiro sought to create a key marketing asset for seed funding in the form of a 60-second teaser video. To pitch their robust ecosystem effectively, the presentation had to follow visual threads through the in-house, at home, and virtual experience, all while remaining digestible. We would execute this by utilizing snappy kinetic type with rendered video interspersed—drawing inspiration from Apple’s “Don’t Blink” advertisement. This style allows for energy to sit as the centerpiece, moving large amounts of information quickly and concisely.

hybrid experience

Our challenge revolved around communicating the detailed concepts of both physical environments and digital capabilities in one medium. We approached each scene through the lens of common conventions paired with visual metaphors that could be easily read by investors—bridging the experience together through aspirational text. We finalized the pitch by integrating UI overlays that convey the more abstract functions of the disruptive technology—depicting streaming capabilities, biometric scanning, AR gamification, and more.

unlike any other

With a mix of visualization, user interface design, and post-production video skills employed, the result of this animated teaser demonstrates the high value of multidisciplinary content creation. Breaking the typical conventions of a codified global practice, this forward-thinking academy merges technology and tradition for the future of martial arts.