JWU Annual Report

digital, print

celebrating a year of academic excellence.

Following an approximate four-year hiatus from distributing an outward-facing annual report for the institution, the marketing and communications team at Johnson & Wales University contracted me to develop both the report booklet and an accompanying landing page for the 2020-2021 academic year.

johnson & wales university
adobe indesign,
spread design,
web development

visual refresh

On the heels of a marketing overhaul completed by the university, I was granted a generous amount of creative liberty in how I could approach this project. I was provided with brand guidelines, a catalog of photos, and a basic content structure–all of which I would adhere to while injecting my own personality into the piece. Bringing the designs up to par with the newly developed communication tactics, I employed a more contemporary aesthetic throughout. This modernized the typical appearance of past reports through the use of strong grid structures, floods of color, spanning photography, and overlapping elements that create engaging spreads.

year in review

Only releasing a print version of their annual report in the past, Johnson & Wales sought to divide this project into two separate components. The first would be a landing page that focused on more high-level, consumer-facing statistics while the second would live as a report booklet that breaks down low-level information from the academic year. Both would follow a similar narrative, but the digital version would pare down data and serve it as an approachable, interactive piece that visitors could access other resources from. The physical version would then expand upon everything in greater detail, such as the year in review, financial reports, and donor recognition.

connected by purpose

The efforts of this report’s production, along with a renewed approach to their communications, culminated in a successful rollout for the Johnson & Wales University 2020-2021 Annual Report. Created by a university alumnus, these designs serve as a pivotal marketing tool that the university can refer to and leverage as they continue their plans for academic evolution.