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actualizing a brand, from soup to nuts.

Entrusted with defining the brand identity for Lello’s, a contemporary American pop-up restaurant, I collaborated with a team to develop collateral that not only solidified their brand image, but also worked to enhance the dining experience for customers as well.

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contemporary cuisine

In meeting with our culinary counterparts, our team was given the opportunity to taste the Lello’s menu while also learning about the client and their expectations. Noting their inspiration for the project, our clients explained that the food was based on contemporary American cuisine and that they wanted the visuals to crossbreed between modern and industrial design. After brainstorming further, we decided that it would best serve the team to have eight different peripherals, each of which would showcase the brand in a distinct way while also improving the experience and efficiency of the night.

modern industrial design

After narrowing our thinking on logo options, we decided that a mark depicting a butcher’s knife would drive home the idea behind the event as it conveys a human-like quality in both a casual and contemporary context. We then focused on Lello’s brand identity, outlining the definition in the form of a multi-page document that drew from specific keywords and phrases emphasized by the culinary team. Building upon this blueprint, we produced menus and signage by utilizing various woods, metals, and vinyl in order to nail a style that resonated with the client. After rounds of prototyping and feedback, we finalized the designs and fabricated all pieces for use.

comprehensive branding

The efforts of this brand’s development, along with the execution of the culinary portion of the project as performed by the chef team, culminated into a successful night for the Lello’s pop-up. Equipped with a brand identity, hand-crafted menus, business cards, gift certificates, a menu board, drink menus, and various signage, the event served as an all-encompassing evening in which guests could dine on the modern interpretations of classic dishes.