Mobility MVMNT

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reshaping a business to better serve its community.

With an existing brand in place, the client employed our agency to restructure fundamental business procedures while also refreshing their visual identity. In order to more effectively engage and convert consumers, we worked to overhaul their e-commerce platforms, email marketing campaigns, analytic processes, and social communication strategies.

mobility mvmnt
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warming up

Provided with the limited branding assets that were available, we began our process by establishing a more concrete identity system for Mobility MVMNT. This would come in the form of a brand booklet that solidifies and expands upon the company’s story, mission, audience, personality, tone, and visuals. It would also serve as the framework for our team, and others, to refer to when building out the remaining components of this project.

compound exercises

After refreshing their brand identity, we began focusing on the digital portion of this project. Serving as a core component, we upgraded the client’s Squarespace site to Shopify–a more suitable platform for their e-commerce needs. We then built a WordPress blog to accompany this, granting the client more freedom in terms of customization, editorial tools, and search engine optimization. These new platforms would also enable us to implement a diverse set of programs that automate business functions, such as on-demand print fulfillment, Klaviyo email marketing, live product reviews, and more. We then finalized our process by integrating the company’s subscription platform and mobile app, in which users are able to access both video and streaming services from a centralized point.

well-oiled machine

The efforts of this brand refresh, along with the subsequent developments of their website, email marketing, and social communications strategy, culminated in a successful rollout for the Mobility MVMNT brand. As a steady-growing online fitness community, this repositioning allows for the business to more effectively serve their clientele by simplifying and automating e-commerce processes on both sides of the interaction.