Nest Homeware


supporting a seasoned brand through its gradual expansion.

With a catalog of assets and years of brand development under their belt, our client requested an online overhaul to meet the standards of an upcoming ramp-up in both the production and sales of their merchandise. Looking to elevate their business practices altogether, the rebuild would more effectively showcase products, bolster upcoming business ventures, and regulate the review, fulfillment, and shipping processes through the use of cultivated resources.

nest homeware
adobe xd,
responsive design,
ux & ui design

expertly crafted

Founded in 2013, Nest Homeware places an emphasis on creating beautifully unique products that last a lifetime. This ideology lends itself to a certain quality that is to be conveyed throughout its branding. In order to emulate this, our team was granted access to a robust inventory of photo, video, and promotional assets that the client had been refining for years. Additionally, Nest was in the process of building a showroom that would double as an in-house production facility. This expansion not only allows for more efficient manufacturing but also for the redirection of energy towards the client’s goal of establishing a lifestyle brand centered around their goods.

focus on elegance

Putting an array of assets to use, our designs would showcase products dynamically through the introduction of stunning photos and video. This would allow for the branding to take more of a backseat in its approach and for the products to serve as the focal point of the site. Coupled with an easily digestible filtration system, this style of focus creates a simple, yet refined experience for visitors. Once all of the core pages were complete, we finalized the build by templating blog post and recipe development layouts, as well as by integrating the applications necessary for both review and order fulfillment processes–all of which the client could employ once prepared.

art at your table

The efforts of this website’s rebuild, along with the more general growth of their business operations, culminated into an exciting opportunity for the Nest Homeware team to expand past their prior limitations. As a developing lifestyle brand, this repositioning allows for the company to explore different branches of the trade while optimizing their existing means for production, communication, and distribution.