Notre Dame

print, packaging

a game-changing bundle for incoming student-athletes.

Tasked with templating and assembling the prototype for a university’s acceptance package, I opted to design specifically for the incoming class of student-athletes attending the University of Notre Dame.

adobe illustrator,
print production
apparel design,

worthwhile investment

College can be quite a large investment for a multitude of reasons, and many times an acceptance package is one of the first opportunities that an institution has to make an impression on potential attendees. With this in mind, I aimed to design an unforgettable experience that not only conveys the level of professionalism that Notre Dame prides itself in, but also one that is able to excite incoming students through a feeling of importance and belonging. I would accomplish this by creating an executive-looking exterior to the packaging that, when opened, would be layered with branded school and sports-related paraphernalia.

considerate construction

In an effort to best serve the incoming class, I produced an array of football-related items that would allow athletes to sport their school spirit. Fabricated to fit each precisely, the finished piece would allow for all of these components to fit by distributing them between three layers. Students would have the ability to remove each layer in order to reveal more goodies, as well as discover nods to the university and its rich history. By utilizing a special blue and white duplex paper, I was able to further inject the institution’s branding through the color and texture of the material, all while maintaining the tone of excellence that Notre Dame prides itself in.

delivering spirit

The acceptance package would live as a generous bundle designed exclusively for incoming student-athletes attending the University of Notre Dame. Equipped with an acceptance letter, playbook, pens, two homecoming game tickets, a season schedule, branded drawstring bag, t-shirt, lanyard, shoelaces, bumper stickers, and kinesiology tape, this bundle provides a number of resources to get candidates started while setting the standard for what’s to come.