Oswald Type Book


a charming analysis of classic letter structures.

When asked to create a type specimen book, I knew exactly which font I wanted to focus on. Then, after realizing that Bebas Neue doesn’t serve quite well as body copy, I opted for Oswald–a more versatile alternative to the famed family.

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During my ideation phase, I worked to discover a manner in which I would showcase the true character of this typeface. From a stylistic standpoint, I would create a bold, graphic-heavy book that utilizes distinct attributes from the Oswald family in order to emphasize its charisma. For structure, I laid out each spread in order to showcase a different element of typography; one page breaking down the variations of a specific element, the other using said element in practice.

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I took this formula and began putting it to work, laying out each page to illustrate the font and its uses in a clean and consistent format. Once that was completed, I began adding color and creating the accompanying type lockups that would serve as a visual focal point for the booklet. To complement this, I also took the initiative and personified Oswald in an attempt to create greater depth and add life to the text.

a delightful family

The Oswald Type Book would live as a typographic analysis that features design and content unlike any other. Featuring a breakdown of the history, weights, sizes, widths, spacing, anatomy, and usage options for the font, this publication serves as a concise compendium for a tried and true family.