spirited sounds illustrated through dynamic type.

Assigned to conceive a way in which I could visually display audio, I chose to work with Jon Bellion’s music. Authentic and passionate, Bellion produces his beats from scratch and pairs them with quick-witted lyrics to create a harmonious experience that I worked to capture visually.

adobe illustrator,
adobe after effects
audio mixing,
digital illustration,

a vivacious vibe

Jumping in, I realized that in order for this to be successful I would have to capture the spirit and emotion of the music through the designs created. Recognizing that this is one of Bellion’s more playful and upbeat songs, I decided that it would be best to utilize a bold typeface, bright color palette, and faster-paced style of animation in order to mimic the movement driving the song. I later chose to incorporate illustrations in an effort to liven up the sequence while also highlighting the clever lyricism used throughout the song.

reproducing rhythm

Laying out each typographic lock-up according to how they would appear in sequence, I clearly defined the style of each verse throughout ten separate design files. Each would focus on a different portion of the song and could be differentiated by color palette and animation pattern. After designing these assets, I brought the text to life through movement in After Effects. The majority of this process relied on precise timing as to not miss a beat while maintaining legibility, but also on pacing; a momentum that I was able to achieve through abrupt slides, rotations, and the appearance of lyrics.

mixing audio and visuals

This kinetic type piece would live as a lyrically-focused sequence that captures the energetic nature of Jon Bellion’s song, “Overwhelming”. Much like the song itself, these bright and bouncy typographic visuals work to convert a playful attitude in a simple, yet clever, manner.