Paper Sample Posters

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reflecting core values through a signature product line.

Prompted to create a three-piece series by utilizing a singular paper line, I took advantage of the wide selection that Neenah Astrobrights offer to produce a diverse set of posters. In an attempt to highlight Neenah’s eco-friendly beliefs, I created the posters for an environmental design conference that was to be held at the Roger Williams Botanical Center.

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adding an axis

While ideating for this project, I devised the plan to design a multi-dimensional poster in two senses of the word. The first being a more abstract sense, alluding to both the history of design and the essence of nature while promoting a single event. I would accomplish this by framing landscapes in the format of a Pantone Color Chip, composing each with a flat, monochromatic art style. This would also allow for the piece to have dimension as the flat art would layer paper much like a contour map, contributing to the more literal meaning of the word by adding an actual third dimension to the piece.

scenic views

Focusing on a different environment for each poster, I sketched three landscapes and translated them into illustrator using the pen tool. Refining the designs, I developed each layer so that the negative space would reveal the positive space of the layer below it. Finalizing these compositions, I implemented the monochromatic palettes in each design, coloring each layer to create the illusion of depth. From here, I printed the individual colors on the Astrobright papers and altered each to achieve the truest color possible. I completed the process by spray-mounting each layer from background to foreground, finishing with the event information at the bottom of the poster.

print with purpose

This process led to the final iteration of the Neenah Astrobright Paper Sample Poster Series. Living as a triad of print pieces, these works showcase the vibrant quality of the papers, their versatility, and the eco-friendly beliefs of Neenah through the advertising of an environmental design conference.