Providence Athenaeum


a modern brochure for a historical institution.

Instructed to develop an up-to-date brochure design for an existing company or organization, I chose to approach the project from a perspective that I hadn’t considered before. Stepping far out of my comfort zone, I worked for a library.

adobe indesign,
print production,
brochure design,
page layout,

a layered approach

Deciding to design a piece for The Providence Athenaeum, a community-driven library and cultural arts center located in the heart of Providence, RI, I visited the historic institution to take pictures and get a feel for the audience that I was creating for. After researching and educating myself on the fundamentals of brochure design, I put my twist on a typical tri-fold by creating a brochure with dimension. Die cuts would be utilized to help make the brochure mimic that of a bookshelf, lending to the thoughtfulness and intrigue of the product.

establishing hierarchy

After sketching some initial concepts, I moved right into the prototyping phase. Working iteratively, I laid out each page and adjusted their construction while maintaining the patent structure. Once finalized, I digitally drafted all of the content to fit the template, creating a style and system of hierarchy that spoke to the pre-existing brand. Refining these qualities, I utilized tools in the paragraph palette to create diverse and visually compelling copy. I then integrated images, icons, and graphic elements that would help bring a modern touch to the historic quality of the piece. I finalized the process by printing and assembling all of the individual parts in order to create the physical bookshelf-like arrangement.

refined design

The Providence Athenaeum brochure would live as a tri-fold print piece that serves as marketing collateral for the historic institution. Putting a modern spin on archetypal design, this pamphlet advertises the organization and its offerings in a clever manner while staying true to its legacy.