PVD Rest

environmental, multimedia

a dazzling mini oasis amidst a city-wide festival.

During my first week as an intern at NAIL Communications, I was given the creative freedom to transform the agency into a spectacle for Providence’s annual PVD Fest. Landing on a pun, we chose to brand the space under the name PVD Rest–a welcoming location in which attendees could kick back, relax, and refuel for the festivities ahead.

nail communications
adobe illustrator,
adobe after effects,
mixed media

razzle dazzle

Conveniently coinciding with an identity pivot at NAIL, we decided that it would be best to highlight the new brand by adapting it for a larger public occasion. As an ever-evolving agency, this pivot introduced unconventional visuals while establishing a newly defined voice that would help NAIL hold more of a presence in the marketing landscape. Visually, we pulled inspiration from dazzle camouflage–a disruptive pattern that was primarily used on battleships during World War I. This foundation served as the basis for our aesthetic, which would be extrapolated to create a world of quirky visual assets that the company could use in all consumer-facing materials.

whirlwind week

With only a week to develop the creative before the event, I began designing digital assets in preparation for a two-day execution period. I created patterns, signage, business cards, animations, and stencils that would be used to decorate and advertise the space. Once all of the prep work was completed, I moved on to the physical execution of the space. The first day was spent spray painting Adirondack chairs and potted plants, as well as chalking the PVD Rest logo on the side of the NAIL building. On the final day, I utilized chalk and washable paint to completely cover the office entrance with the newly created pattern, posting live Instagram updates along the way.

celebrating community

The efforts of this space’s development, along with the success of Providence’s PVD Fest, culminated into a fulfilling display of the newly defined NAIL brand. Serving as a recharge station in the heart of the city, PVD Rest operated as an inviting location in which visitors could stay to take photos, kick back with a beer, or check out the agency and all it has to offer.