digital, identity, packaging

collective serendipity in the form of a coffee-based subscription box.

Entrusted with conceiving a subscription box and developing the user interface for a proposed brand’s e-commerce website, I aimed to channel the potential energy of the coffee industry into a purpose-driven operation under the name Tribute.

adobe illustrator,
adobe xd,
print production
ux & ui design

equal opportunity

Aspiring to launch a company whose mission is greater than simply turning a profit, Tribute was created to be a mutually beneficial service for all parties involved. For laborers, Tribute would operate as a Fair Trade business–ensuring that farmers and producers are properly compensated for their efforts. As for consumers, Tribute would double as an educational tool. Every month, the box would be based around a different exporting country and would come equipped with culturally-specific items from that region. Each would provide context on their significance, as well as instructions for use, creating a well-rounded system that incentivizes recurring support.

breaking the mold

Working in an industry as competitive as coffee production, I understood that I had to develop visuals that stood out in the marketplace. Straying from the classic, luxurious tone of typical coffee-related branding, I designed an energetic logo and playful patterns by using a wide variety of colors and typefaces. I then balanced this youthful style with more refined elements in order to communicate a sense of confidence and respect. A dichotomy such as this would join two independent messages together, effectively representing the company and its mission through a visual means.

well travelled

Tribute would live as a conceptual coffee-based subscription box composed of an ever-changing product catalog and an accompanying web experience. The service would allow for one’s taste buds to reach the corners of the earth right from their doorstep, while simultaneously working to alleviate the detrimental effects of coffee production through ethical and sustainable business practices.