Tufts Nursing


aiding a renowned institution in its recruitment efforts.

Contracted by Tufts Medical Center to develop an employment campaign aimed at nurses, our agency focused on driving home a message of transparency and inclusivity. With traffic being directed from various social and digital channels, I created a landing page that allows users to learn more about the organization, connect with staff, and apply for positions.

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sensible tone

With the creative concept for this campaign solidified and in production, I was to design a landing page that would serve as the final touchpoint for users. The messaging itself would take shape as a transparent look into the nursing profession, no holds barred. Focusing on the day-to-day, the media would provide Tufts nurses with a platform to express the difficult, yet rewarding, nature of their occupation. The narrative would be framed through authentic visuals and heartfelt testimonials, curating a voice that would resonate with applicants and help them understand the true fundamentals of the job. It would also promote a proud, inclusive message, encouraging those in search of a strong familial quality to join the team.

design and template

Working with a development team from Tufts, I formatted a template based on the constraints outlined by their team. It concentrated on showcasing image assets from the campaign while integrating text through tailored widgets. Serving as the primary function for the website, I created two pathways for users to get in touch with the organization–the first living as a direct inquiry for open positions, the second as a less formal prompt that connects those interested with staff for a more open dialogue. Before handing it off to the developers, we injected a style that strayed from typical Tufts branding in order to give the campaign its own, distinct identity.

are you one of us?

The Tufts Nursing campaign would live as developed creative targeting nurses across the country in order to recruit them for the Medical Center’s team. Driving traffic from a number of social and digital channels, this landing page served as the point of action for users by allowing applicants to learn more about the organization, connect with staff in real-time, and readily apply for open positions at the institution.