identity, packaging

a relationship of mutual respect built through toy packaging.

Instructed to develop the branding and packaging for a miniature model housing line, I drew inspiration from my own childhood interests and created a magic-themed playset with the intention of promoting engagement, reducing waste, and appealing to a more niche audience.

adobe illustrator,
print production
character design,
digital illustration,

playing nice

Entering this project, I understood that not all families feel like respected and ethical consumers when it comes to the excessive nature of toy packaging. In response to this, I shifted my focus to challenge the traditional conventions placed around child-focused branding and sought to imagine a more mature and purposeful product. I would create a balanced solution that allows parents to make more meaningful purchases while allowing their children to play without feeling patronized by over-the-top design and run-of-the-mill themes.

conscious design

After landing on the idea of a magic-themed playset under the name Wizkidz, I began by creating a logo that established the desired brand feel. This aesthetic was then blown out into a system that would allow for future products to be developed under the line seamlessly. For this specific project, I honed in on the Alchemist’s Abode; a playset that features one of the six illustrated cast members. Tailoring the visual components to reflect this theme, I designed the piece to double as a diorama-like play setting in which all assets can interact and imaginations can run wild.

mindful environments

The Alchemist’s Abode would live as a conceptual miniature model housing playset under the Wizkidz brand. As part of a larger, magic-themed line, this piece comes equipped with a customizable cardboard model house, six unique character models, and an alchemy-based play setting–all of which lend to a more conscious and enjoyable experience.